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The Problem with Your Mortgage Offset Account

The Truth About Mortgage Offset Accounts

Your mortgage offset account could be the ultimate double agent working against your wealth and here’s why …

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The Problem with Managed Funds

The Problem with Managed Funds

There is a fundamental problem with managed funds that are costing investors their long term returns.

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Pros & Cons: Financial Adviser Fees

Financial Adviser Fees - The Wealth Guy

When it comes to financial adviser fees, how you pay really does matter.

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Got a Mortgage? You Need to Read This


I am witnessing an alarming increase in mortgage complacency – people seem to be comfortable accumulating assets using debt, with no regard to how they will pay back the loan.

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Investing with Smart Beta ETFs


We’ve all be hearing about the rapid growth of ETFs in the last year or so. If you haven’t heard about ETFs yet, you can find out the basics behind Australian ETFs here.

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Is Your Money Happy?

Is Your Money Happy?

You probably weren’t away that your money had feelings. Well it does and he is what you need to know.

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10 Simple Ways to Make Money Work For You

April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519

Here are the ten most important, yet overlooked, ways to make money work for you.

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Have We Put the Property Cart in Front of The Business Horse?

Sale Economy (3)

Are we mortgaging Australia’s economic future on the residential property market?

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Share Trading in Volatile Markets


The mass media leads us to believe that market pullbacks are a bad thing. It makes sense, shares go down and everyone loses right? What if I told you that market pullbacks aren’t that bad? In fact what if I told you that some investors can actually benefit during times of market volatility.

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Should You Be Trading The Dips?


The mind boggles at the amount of commentary around the recent market pullback. This is not a bad thing, we should be aware of what is happening on global share markets as this is often an indicator of the health of global economies.

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