Investing Product Review

Get Rich with Acorns (& Other Robo-Advisers)


Acorns is a great platform for investing small change, but did you know it can be used to build even larger portfolios?

What’s more if you use Acorns (& other robo-adviser platforms) intelligently you can build some real wealth.

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Investing Product Review

REVIEW: Robo Adviser Investment Fees


In this blog I will review the robo advice investment pricing for Acorns, Stockspot and Quiet Growth.


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Investing Shares

QUICK GUIDE: Upcoming Float & IPO Investing

IPO Investing

Q:What is an IPO and is it something worth investing in?

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Investing Shares

Warren Buffett on Index Funds


Q:What is Warren Buffett going to do with his money when he can no longer invest it himself?

HINT: It is not what you expect, and it is so simple something you can apply it to your own investment portfolio.

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Budgeting Product Review

REVIEW: Afterpay, better than a credit card, or worse?

afterpay review

Afterpay is the latest payment option for consumers to use instore and online.

Afterpay’s motto is, Shop Now. Enjoy Now. Pay Later. In Four Simple Instalments, but is it really that simple and more importantly how will this impact your spending habits and personal budget?


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Budgeting Investing Product Review

REVIEW: Acorns Fees & Costs Explained

Acorns Fees & Costs - The Wealth Guy Reviews

I love the new Acorns invest your spare change app but like all financial products these days there seems to be some confusion around the fees and costs.

In this blog I will take a closer look at the fees and show why Acorns isn’t just for spare change.


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Budgeting Debt Property

The Problem with Your Mortgage Offset Account

The Truth About Mortgage Offset Accounts - The Wealth Guy

Your mortgage offset account could be the ultimate double agent working against your wealth and here’s why …

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Investing Property

Secret Formula: Buying Investment Property

Property The Golden Rule

W e all know buying well in the property game is all about location, location, location.

In this short article, I will demonstrate that this mantra speaks for itself and when it comes making a decision to buy an investment property.

Put simply location is the only ‘rule’ that matters and there is a secret formula you need to apply.

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Ask The Wealth Guy Investing Shares

GUIDE: How to Buy Shares Online


Buying and selling, or trading, shares is nothing new. In fact, shares were first thought be to traded by the ancient Venetians around the early 1300’s.

Despite the history of share trading and the significance of shares in our global economy, it seems we are never taught how to buy and sell shares … until now.

Here is my simple guide to buying & selling shares online.

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Investing Shares

The Problem with Managed Funds

The Problem with Managed Funds

There is a fundamental problem with managed funds that are costing investors their long term returns.

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