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9 Worrying Charts About The Aussie Property Boom

Here are 9 charts that will make you worry about how Australians are funding their property purchases and what will happen when interest rates start to rise.

All data has been extracted from the RBA statistical tables

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8 Ways to Make Some Serious Money on the Side

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we work and the opportunities for us to earn money.

Technology has opened up a entire sharing economy, as well as opening opportunities to sell our time and skills as freelancers.

Here are 8 of the best ways to make some extra money on the side.

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Product Review Shares

GUIDE: International Shares

Did you know the Australian share market makes up only 2.5% world’s total share market value?

So if you are serious about finding the best investment opportunities, you need to consider international shares.

Here is a quick guide on why you should be looking to get some international exposure in your investment portfolio and the options available to buy and sell international shares.

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Super & Death Benefit Nominations

Superannuation will grow to become one of your most valuable assets, so it makes sense that you should know what will happen to it when you die.

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EXPLAIN: What is superannuation?

What is an superannuation, why was it introduced and why should it form an important part of your overall wealth strategy?

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Product Review

REVIEW: Ratesetter – How Does Peer to Peer Lending Work in Australia?

Have you ever wondered how peer to peer lenders like RateSetter actually work?

In this review blog I will take a closer look at what it means to be a lender and borrower on the RateSetter platform in Australia.

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Budgeting Debt

4 Reasons to Get Rid of Your Credit Card

The increasing use of credit cards is resulting in many unintended consequences for personal budgets.

Here are 4 reasons you should get rid of your credit card.

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Investing in Gold with a Gold ETF

Some people love to invest in gold.

Now you can invest in gold, without having to buy the physical metal and store it.

There are 4 Gold ETFs now available on the ASX, we take a closer look.

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EXPLAIN: What is an Index Fund?

What is an index fund and why would you consider using index funds in your investment portfolio?

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INVESTING: What is Asset Allocation & Why Does it Matter?

What is asset allocation and how can you use it to build a better investment portfolio?

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