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The 10 Best Investing Books (that everyone should read)


Here are 10 investing books that I think everyone should read.

1. Money: Master the Game

Money Master The Game by Tony Robbins

TOPICS: Financial knowledge, Budgeting, Investing, ETFs

Robbins outlines the key advice from some of the best minds in the investment business – a worthy addition to my best investing books:

  • an easy and entertaining read,
  • everyone will learn something from this book. 
Key Wealth Lessons
  • Investment fees matter
  • How you can outsmart the industry
  • The power of compounding returns

2. One Up on Wall Street

One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch

TOPICS: Financial knowledge, Investing in shares

Lynch is a legendary US investment manager and outlines how to use your existing thought processes to find winning investment ideas.

  • a good introduction to investing in shares,
  • explains what drives share prices. 
Key Wealth Lessons
  • You don’t have to be an expert to be a successful investor
  • Stock prices are driven by earnings growth
  • How to find a 10-bagger

3. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

TOPICS: Financial knowledge, Property investing, How to build a cashflow

Kiyosaki outlines the key lessons he learnt growing up with two very different approaches to money management and investing.

  • an easy read, suitable for all ages,
  • explains the mentality required to build a passive income. 
Key Wealth Lessons
  • Don’t follow the heard
  • Focus on building a passive investment income

4. Your Money & Your Brain

Your Money & Your Brain by Jason Zweig

TOPICS: Financial knowledge, Behavioural finance

Money is a relatively new concept to our stone-age minds – here are some of the investing mistakes you can avoid if you know how your mind works.

  • a good introduction to behavioural finance,
  • explains the mistakes we make when dealing with money. 
Key Wealth Lessons
  • We are hard wired to be emotional about money
  • Emotions and successful investing don’t mix
  • What you can do to ensure your mind doesn’t sabotage your investing.

5. How to Make Money in Stocks

How to Make Money in Stocks by William O’Neil

TOPICS: Investing in shares, Fundamental & technical analysis

Don’t get put off by the name, this book is a must read for anyone interested in investing in shares.

  • a good introduction to what drives the big winning stocks,
  • how to find the key fundamental and technical drivers of a stock. 
Key Wealth Lessons
  • All big winning stocks have shared CANSLIM traits
  • Examine the stock’s fundamentals first, then look at the chart to identify the best time to buy

6. The Snowball

The Snowball: Warren Buffet & The Business of Life by Alice Schroder

TOPICS: Financial knowledge

No list of best investing books would be complete with at least one Warren Buffett book.

  • a biography of one of the greatest investors of all time,
  • a good insight into the mind of Warren Buffett. 
Key Wealth Lessons
  • The power of compounding returns
  • Be patient and logical in your investment decisions

7. Hedge Fund Market Wizards

Hedge Fund Market Wizards by Robert Schwager

TOPICS: Investing in shares, Investment process

The most recent installment in the Market Wizards series, explains the mental process behind being a great investor

  • for the more advanced share investor,
  • an insight into the minds of top investors using an interview approach. 
Key Wealth Lessons
  • Develop your own investment process
  • Don’t follow the heard

8. The Most Important Thing

The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks

TOPICS: Investing in shares

A powerful insight into the mind of one of the top investors in the world today

  • for the more experienced investor;
  • the process behind finding great investments. 
Key Wealth Lessons
  • What is risk / reward
  • How to find investment opportunities that others overlook

9. Value Investing

Value Investing by Bruce Greenwald

TOPICS: Investing in shares, Value investing

Greenwald is one of the top minds in value investing – the investment process that has proved successful for so many famous investors

  • for the more experienced investor
  • a good explanation of the value investing process. 
Key Wealth Lessons
  • Value investing
  • The power of using a disciplined investment approach

10. Thinking Fast & Slow

Thinking Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman

TOPICS: Psychology, Behavioural finance

 This author didn’t win a nobel prize in economics for nothing

  • Not investment focused but valuable nonetheless
  • Understanding how you make decisions and why that might not always lead to the best outcome 
Key Wealth Lessons
  • Our mind makes shortcuts which often prove to be wrong
  • A good investor needs to be aware of their minds bias

My Top 10 Investing Books

There you have the top 10 investment books that I recommend everyone should read.

If you have any other books you would like to add to the list, please make a comment in the section below

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