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GUIDE: International Shares

Did you know the Australian share market makes up only 2.5% world’s total share market value?

So if you are serious about finding the best investment opportunities, you need to consider international shares.

Here is a quick guide on why you should be looking to get some international exposure in your investment portfolio and the options available to buy and sell international shares.

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REVIEW: Ratesetter – How Does Peer to Peer Lending Work in Australia?

Have you ever wondered how peer to peer lenders like RateSetter actually work?

In this review blog I will take a closer look at what it means to be a lender and borrower on the RateSetter platform in Australia.

Ratesetter Logo

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How to stay safe when making purchases online

The online world lends itself to financial fraud, and as we increasingly turn to our screens for everyday transactions, it’s important we know how to protect ourselves.

Whether you’re shopping online or paying a utility bill, you need to keep your wits about you when browsing the web.

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The 10 Best Investing Books (that everyone should read)

Here are 10 investing books that I think everyone should read.

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REVIEW: TransferWise & International Transfer Fees

Are you unsure of the fees involved to make international money transfers?

I will show you how to calculate the fees on overseas transfers and take a quick look at the new peer to peer exchange solution TransferWise (it doesn’t charge you a fee on the currency).


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EXPLAIN: Managed Funds, Index Funds & ETF’s

What is the difference between a managed fund, an index fund and an ETF?

Should you invest in managed funds, index funds or ETFs and why?

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REVIEW: Bid for IPO’s with OnMarket Bookbuilds

OnMarket Bookbuilds is an emerging Aussie fintech company that enables all investors large and small to bid for new and upcoming IPO’s on the ASX.

OnMarket Bookbuild

Here is how OnMarket Bookbuilds works and how you can use the platform to start investing in the latest IPO offerings in Australia.

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Using RoboAdvisers to Buy in Gloom

Investment markets are driven by people and people tend to herd together (like a flock of sheep), particularly during uncertain times.

Here’s how you can use the herding mentality to your advantage with low cost robo-adviser platforms.

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REVIEW: Afterpay, better than a credit card, or worse?

Afterpay is the latest payment option for consumers to use instore and online.

Afterpay’s motto is, Shop Now. Enjoy Now. Pay Later. In Four Simple Instalments, but is it really that simple and more importantly how will this impact your spending habits and personal budget?


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Budgeting Investing Product Review

REVIEW: Acorns Fees & Costs Explained

Acorns invest your spare change app is now available in Australia, but like all financial products these days there seems to be some confusion around the fees and costs.

In this blog I will take a closer look at the fees and costs of Acorns invest your spare change app.


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