How Do We Get Paid

How we get paid

Version: 1 January 2017

The Wealth Guy is committed to offering factual information to consumers for free.

To generate this quality information we must employ staff, most with extensive experience in financial services, and we run large computer systems. This costs thousands of dollars every year, and we need to generate revenue in a range of ways to pay for it.

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There are two major ways we get paid.

1. Advertising and Sponsored Content

The Wealth Guy may allow limited advertising on its site. Our goal is to present quality advertising that is highly relevant to consumers. We may display sponsored (paid) articles that we think are useful and relevant to consumers who visit our website. We always include an ‘advertising’ or ‘sponsored link’ sign above the ad or article so people know what it is.

Where product providers pay us to feature their product in an advertisement or as sponsored content, The Wealth Guy may receive a commission or other fee for referrals to the product provider from the ad or sponsored content if a consumer acquires a product after following the link.

Payment for an advertisement or sponsored content does not influence our decision to provide content.

2. Lead Referrals

On our blogs and on some advertising and articles we provide links to third party sites. The primary purpose of these links is to help consumers get more information to enable them to make informed decisions. Secondly, we may receive payment of a commission or other fee for these referrals.

The Wealth Guy takes its factual research very seriously and goes to great pains to ensure that our results and display of product information are not influenced by commercial arrangements.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions of would like further information on our privacy and information handling practices, please contact us by:
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