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Why should I review my life insurances?
  • It is important that you and your family are covered from the risk of unexpected injury, illness or worse.
  • When you life circumstances change (new child on the way, marriage, new mortgage etc) you should review your life insurances.
  • Insurance premiums change regularly, hence you want to make sure you have the best and most cost effective cover.
  • You don’t want to get caught paying too much for a life insurance that is not suitable, or even worse paying for insurance you don’t need.
What is the cost?
  • There is no cost, we will simply review your current life insurance and provide a summary of our findings.
  • If there is something urgent that requires attention, we will arrange a follow up meeting.
What information do you require?
  • In the phone call we will cover off on your current life circumstance and financial position (what you own and what you owe).
  • We will ask about your current life insurances, and superannuation fund.
  • We will get you to sign an authority to provide information form so we can review your super and any insurance policies you hold.
How long will it take?
  • Once we have the authority to provide information form, we should be able to get the information we require within 5 business days.
  • We will summarize our findings and present them to you.
What is the catch?
  • There is no catch, we will inform you of your current insurance policies.
  • If we think there is something you are missing we will provide recommendations as such.
  • There is no obligation to proceed at any stage.

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