Investing Shares

EXPLAIN: What is an ETF? (Exchange Traded Fund)

What is an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) and why would you consider using ETFs in your investment portfolio?

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Investing Product Review

EXPLAIN: Managed Funds, Index Funds & ETF’s

What is the difference between a managed fund, an index fund and an ETF?

Should you invest in managed funds, index funds or ETFs and why?

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Investing Property

Investing in Property – 5 Things Before You Start

So you want to start investing in property?

Here are 5  things you need to do to give yourself the best chance to succeed as a property investor.

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Debt Investing Property

REVIEW: Negative Gearing Explained – A Profitable Strategy?

What exactly is negative gearing and how can it be used as a profitable strategy for property investors?


A rental property is negatively geared if it is purchased with the assistance of borrowed funds and the net rental income, after deducting other expenses, is less than the interest on the borrowings source ATO

Property Income – Property Costs = Loss 

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Investing Product Review Shares

REVIEW: Bid for IPO’s with OnMarket Bookbuilds

OnMarket Bookbuilds is an emerging Aussie fintech company that enables all investors large and small to bid for new and upcoming IPO’s on the ASX.

OnMarket Bookbuild

Here is how OnMarket Bookbuilds works and how you can use the platform to start investing in the latest IPO offerings in Australia.

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Personal Budget: Why, Where, How

Everything you need to know about personal budgeting: why you need a personal budget, how to setup your household budget and where to track your budgeting progress.

Did you know?

The word ‘budget‘ first appeared in 15th century and meant “leather bag, wallet or pouch”.

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GUIDE: Listed Investment Companies (LIC)

Looking for listed investment companies (LICs) to invest in on the ASX? Everything you need to know about listed investment companies, but were afraid to ask.

What are listed investment companies, what are the pros and cons and how do I invest?

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Life Insurances

LEARN: Life Insurance Through Super

We have all heard about the importance of having sufficient life insurance but can you hold life insurance through super?


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Investing Shares

GUIDE: How to Invest in Shares for Beginners

Here is my simple guide: how to invest in shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) for beginners.

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Updated ASX ETF List

Looking for ETF’s that are available to invest in on the ASX?

Here is a complete ASX ETF list.

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